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~ News Updated  2/25/17 ~



Were we hacked?

 Hey everyone... You may have heard about the recent Cloudflare leak.  Well, that included webs.com, so if you think your account on here could be at risk and you use the same password on other sites, you may want to consider changing it!  It is a really small chance that anyone on here was affected, but if you are paranoid about that sort of thing, go ahead and change it!

  ~Code Slasher~... Always in the shadows.

~Dave~ ^You're still here!?^  :P


More MKDS code added.

 New ASM codes by gamemasterplc added to the user submitted section!


New MKDS codes.

New codes are in the premium ar code page! including an ar version for unlimited speeds!


It was a fun wile it lasted!

well  i think its safe to say this site is dead now.   i didnt even bother with the new years this time cause ive been busy trying to open a new store front for a computer store.  this site and making mkds ar code was quite fun (and very frustrating too) wile it lasted.  in fact if it weren't for me this site would have died in 2010  only reason why it did well was cause kallum offered me an admin position  and i took it under my wing when i started using the site to post my codes exclusively for registered members to copy and use on the AR devices.   Over time i basically gain owner ship along with the other admin code slasher due to kallum no longer being active on the site.  kallum went into the military in January 2015  and i haven't heard from him since.  i hope hes doing well.  after nintendo shut down the servers,  this site sorta ran a ground  and has slowly rotted away on the beach.  Depressing isnt it? lol Anyways it was fun making the codes  and its time i signed out forever...

lol JK  wile im not making ds or wii codes anymore i have been working on codes for the 3ds.  lets just say its not very easy to do due to the hacking methods are still a wip.    ill still keep an eye on this site.  please continue to enjoy this site and its codes! :P





And another year goes by and yet this site keep going with a few spark in a dark cave.  i just don't understand how its still alive lol.  i hope you all have a nice new year!   :P 



MKDS new codes added to the user submission section.

TPactionreplay  has be crapping out many new codes this past few weeks so there are many new codes to try out go to the user submitted mkds code page to get them!

by the way merry Christmas every one :P  ~Dave~


Sky3ds flash card working with latest firmware! and links updated.

Just found out about this new flash card that finally breeches the 3ds piracey barrier!  buts priced at ruffly 100 dollars. hopefully the price will come down and it will stay stable with the later releases of the 3ds firmwares.

Other new coolroms.com has removed all their nintendo roms due to nintendo jumping on them with copyright.  ive also updated the link section with new sites.


 Update about wii ds wifi and  status on the next rainbow road video gen vid im making

So as you all know  the wii and ds services have been shut down completely as of may 20 2014  but!  we not have a functioning private server making it possible to play on wifi again with out wfc!

 Click link to find out how!


As for me im just about done with the video  its going to be epic im using Adobe after effects to make a professional Hollywood like intro using 3d text. (a real pain to do) all videos will be direct captures in 1080p or best available quality HD  No crappy camera captures.  Im also including tons of extras bonus context  making this video around 24 minutes long total.


 Wii DS mario kart hacking sessions videos

Since the wii and ds services are ending soon. (really wish they weren't) ill be posting a raw video of just hacking mkds and mkw soon. i might even do some fair  play too for the heck of it.



The end of wii and ds wifi services.

Yeah you read right. its happening may 20th 2014. basically i believe it the end of the hacking era.  and any reason to play or buy a ds or wii at this point... nintendo in my opinion is making a terrible mistake.  also when that happens that will mean the end of this site as well.  yeah i know its already dead but i mean it will be really dead after may. ill be posting the hacked rom for mkds for infinite speed soon. 




whelp another year, another umm.. i dont know you tell me.  Dont they ever get tired of dropping that glass ball in new york?  its the same every year! lol. well enjoy the next 365 days! or the next 8760 hours.. or the next 525600 minutes... or the next 3.154e+7 seconds... and so on and so on. hmmm. you get the idea! :P




New 2DS/3DS Hacking Device Coming Soon!

I know that hacking development on the DS is coming to a close, but that does not mean that we have to close the site.  Datel's Powersaves 3DS will soon allow us to hack 2DS/3DS games in the United States.  It is already available in the European Union.

~Code Slasher~


 MKW code section updated!

added several new mario kart wii codes code to the section at the bottom! This section is still free to view by everyone.


 800 member!

And only a few active...  well we did make it to 800. think we a can make it to 1000?  probably not but at least we got 793 zombies! XD  In other news i have made a version 2.1 start before countdown for mario kart wii and a bunch of other codes! ill be releasing them soon :P


 MPH codes archived

the codes on MPH codes page have been moved to the subscriptions page on the first link.  if you look up you will see a dot at the end of live chat. that is a blank page till i figure out what to do with it.


We now support wii codes!

if your looking for mkw codes click this LINK.  for a limited time this code page will be assessable to the public! if you want to submit wii codes please resister to this site and post them to the forums!  --->


I can make codes for the wii now!

 i now have a usb gecko SE.  I will attempted to make codes for any wii game that i feel like hacking lol.




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