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I decided to release some of my codes on here. To get things a little more active. All codes were made or modifyed by me.

First we will start with simple coding tutorials. Copied directly from my forum, so some bbcode stuff may be messed up.


Mario Kart Wii Coding Tutorials:
a) changing E0000000 00000000 to Switch

Does the code you have look like this?
E0000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
If you want to only use one activator, press once for line 1, press again for line 2 (usually deactivator), follow these steps:
1. Delete second activator (2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ)
2. Change E0000000 00000000 to CC000000 00000000
3. Test the code

b) on/off Switch (Easy)
CC000000 00000000
This code will only work correctly if an If... code is placed before it.
Each time the code execution status goes from true to false to true, and the switch code is reached, the "switch" is moved. The switch moves from on<->off, and set the code execution accordingly to its state. The value of the switch is stored inside the code.
It is NOT an If... code. It only changes the current code executions status

c)value list:

00000000 = off / option 1

00000001 = on / option 2

00000002 = option 3

00000003 = option 4

00000004 = option 5

3F400000 = Float of .5 / half

3F800000 = Float of 1.0 / Full / Reset

40000000 = Float of 2.0 / Double

40400000 = Float of 3.0 / Triple

40800000 = Float of 4.0 / Quadruple

60000000 = nop / off / nothing / none

3800XXXX = 16 Bit values

38000000 = 16 Bit values set to 0

38A0XXXX = 16 Bit values reversed


CXXX0000 = reversed speed (ONLY FOR APPLICABLE CODES)

30000000 = stopped (ONLY FOR APPLICABLE CODES)

d) send ()

You can use send () command by searching on a Hex Editor with text-string:




Send () can be used to send data to other users in your room. For example, DC WW uses send () to send dc to other players. For example, almost every code does NOT use send (). One random example is a speed hack, because it only effects you.

e) 3 in 1 Tutorial! (Videos=easier to catch on!)

How to make:

-1 line codes using RAM dumps and HxD and gecko.net:
-1 line codes using RAM dumps and HxD:

-Button activators, item hacks, drop items, porter, vr/br, and more with Hamsters code Gen:

f) Here is how I USED to make simple MKWii codes.

Take an old code. Modify the address (The first part of the code) But not the 04X part. Then test it out with the normal values. Then change the values to something completely different. In case you don't know, values are the second part of the code. If nothing happens, test different addresses. You usually should get something about every 3rd time making a code. But before releasing it and putting your name on it, search for the code on google or Bing and see if any resuts for MKWii code up. Normally, it will just be Java crap that comes up. But if one of the results is MKWii, then you do not take credit for the code. If you want legit credit and no one else has taken credit yet, post it here and then it will show up in a result. Pot the exact same code about 5 time, because the more matches it finds on the page, the closer will be to the beginning of the Search Results. This takes a lot of luck. I will be posting a better way when I get on my PC.

g) Here is a common shortening method:

To shorten a code with button activators and pointers, change all E0000000 80008000 to E0000000 00000000. Delete all pointers besides the first one. Switch around the pointer and button activator so the pointer is first, and button activator is second. Keep the last E0000000 80008000 the same. it will cause problems if you change that one, but remember to change all other ones.


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Posts: 1310

now here are my codes. All made or modiyed by me. Feel free to put them in MKWii codes section if u want.



Released Mario Kart Wii Codes I have made:

These codes aren't powerful at all and they are just random ones I made.

Mario Kart Wii Codes:

Course Replacement *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
*XXXX Values (Original Course) :
F136 = Mario Circuit
F13A = Moo Moo Meadows
F13E = Mushroom Gorge
F142 = Grumble Volcano
F146 = Toad's Factory
F14A = Coconut Mall
F14E = DK Summit
F152 = Wario's Gold Mine
F156 = Luigi Circuit
F15A = Daisy Circuit
F15E = Moonview Highway
F162 = Maple Treeway
F166 = Bowser's Castle
F16A = Rainbow Road
F16E = Dry Dry Ruins
F172 = Koopa Cape
F176 = GCN Peach Beach
F17A = GCN Mario Circuit
F17E = GCN Waluigi Stadium
F182 = GCN DK Mountain
F186 = DS Yoshi Falls
F18A = DS Desert Hills
F18E = DS Peach Gardens
F192 = DS Delfino Square
F196 = SNES Mario Circuit 3
F19A = SNES Ghost Valley 2
F19E = N64 Mario Raceway
F1A2 = N64 Sherbet Land
F1A6 = N64 Bowser's Castle
F1AA = N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
F1AE = GBA Bowser Castle 3
F1B2 = GBA Shy Guy Beach
F1B6 = Delfino Pier
F1BA = Block Plaza
F1BE = Chain Chomp Roulette
F1C2 = Funky Stadium
F1C6 = Thwomp Desert
F1CA = GCN Cookie Land
F1CE = DS Twilight House
F1D2 = SNES Battle Course 4
F1D6 = GBA Battle Course 3
F1DA = N64 Skyscraper
F20E = Galaxy Colosseum (Ring Mision)
F212 = Mario Circuit Demo (Winningrund Demo)
F216 = Mario Circuit Demo (Loser Demo)
F21A = Mario Circuit Demo (Draw Demo)
F21E = Luigi Circuit Demo (Ending Demo)

*YYYY Values (Course Replacement) :
BFA4 = Mario Circuit
BFB4 = Moo Moo Meadows
BFC0 = Mushroom Gorge
BFD0 = Grumble Volcano
BFE0 = Toad's Factory
BFF0 = Coconut Mall
C000 = DK Summit
C014 = Wario's Gold Mine
C028 = Luigi Circuit
C038 = Daisy Circuit
C048 = Moonview Highway
C05C = Maple Treeway
C070 = Bowser's Castle
C080 = Rainbow Road
C090 = Dry Dry Ruins
C0A0 = Koopa Cape
C0B0 = GCN Peach Beach
C0C0 = GCN Mario Circuit
C0D0 = GCN Waluigi Stadium
C0E0 = GCN DK Mountain
C0F0 = DS Yoshi Falls
C100 = DS Desert Hills
C110 = DS Peach Gardens
C120 = DS Delfino Square
C12C = SNES Mario Circuit 3
C13C = SNES Ghost Valley 2
C14C = N64 Mario Raceway
C15C = N64 Sherbet Land
C16C = N64 Bowser's Castle
C17C = N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
C18C = GBA Bowser Castle 3
C19C = GBA Shy Guy Beach
C1AC = Delfino Pier
C1BC = Block Plaza
C1CC = Chain Chomp Roulette
C1DC = Funky Stadium
C1EC = Thwomp Desert
C1F8 = GCN Cookie Land
C20C = DS Twilight House
C220 = SNES Battle Course 4
C230 = GBA Battle Course 3
C240 = N64 Skyscraper
C250 = Galaxy Colosseum (Ring Mision)
C260 = Mario Circuit Demo (Winningrund Demo)
C270 = Mario Circuit Demo (Loser Demo)
C27C = Mario Circuit Demo (Draw Demo)
C288 = Luigi Circuit Demo (Ending Demo)

Character Replacement [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
*XXXX Values (Original Character) :
F242 = Mario
F246 = Baby Peach
F24A = Waluigi
F24E = Bowser
F252 = Baby Daisy
F256 = Dry Bones
F25A = Baby Mario
F25E = Luigi
F262 = Toad
F266 = Donkey Kong
F26A = Yoshi
F26E = Wario
F272 = Baby Luigi
F276 = Toadette
F27A = Koopa
F27E = Daisy
F282 = Peach
F286 = Birdo
F28A = Diddy Kong
F28E = King Boo
F292 = Bowser Jr.
F296 = Dry Bowser
F29A = Funky Kong
F29E = Rosalina
F2A2 = S Mii AM
F2A6 = S Mii AF
F2AA = S Mii BM
F2AE = S Mii BF
F2B2 = S Mii CM
F2B6 = S Mii CF
F2BA = M Mii AM
F2BE = M Mii AF
F2C2 = M Mii BM
F2C6 = M Mii BF
F2CA = M Mii CM
F2CE = M Mii CF
F2D2 = L Mii AM
F2D6 = L Mii AF
F2DA = L Mii BM
F2DE = L Mii BF
F2E2 = L Mii CM
F2E6 = L Mii CF
F2EA = M Mii
F2EE = S Mii
F2F2 = L Mii

*YYYY Values (Character Replacement) :
C294 = Mario
C298 = Baby Peach
C29C = Waluigi
C2A0 = Bowser
C2A4 = Baby Daisy
C2A8 = Dry Bones
C2AC = Baby Mario
C2B0 = Luigi
C2B4 = Toad
C2B8 = Donkey Kong
C2BC = Yoshi
C2C0 = Wario
C2C4 = Baby Luigi
C2C8 = Toadette
C2CC = Koopa
C2D0 = Daisy
C2D4 = Peach
C2D8 = Birdo
C2DC = Diddy Kong
C2E0 = King Boo
C2E4 = Bowser Jr.
C2E8 = Dry Bowser
C2EC = Funky Kong
C2F0 = Rosalina
C2F4 = S Mii AM
C300 = S Mii AF
C30C = S Mii BM
C318 = S Mii BF
C324 = S Mii CM
C330 = S Mii CF
C33C = M Mii AM
C348 = M Mii AF
C354 = M Mii BM
C360 = M Mii BF
C36C = M Mii CM
C378 = M Mii CF
C384 = L Mii AM
C390 = L Mii AF
C39C = L Mii BM
C3A8 = L Mii BF
C3B4 = L Mii CM
C3C0 = L

No Coin Pile [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
048AE048 60000000
*For use with Battle mode
*Online and offline

Blue Shell Warning *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
047A3C08 38C00000

Draggable Blue Shells [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
047A3C00 60000000
*Credit to MrBean35000vr for original code
*This is MY version of the code <3

Invisible Animations [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
049BD044 00000000

Freeze Animations [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
049BD024 00000000

No Mario Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C42 60000000

No Luigi Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C5E 60000000

No Baby Peach Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C46 60000000

No Waluigi Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C4A 60000000

No Bowser Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C4E 60000000

No Baby Daisy Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C52 60000000

No Dry Bones Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C56 60000000

No Baby Mario Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C5A 60000000

No Toad Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C62 60000000

No DK Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C66 60000000

No Yoshi Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C6A 60000000

No Wario Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C6E 60000000

No Toad Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C62 60000000

No Baby Luigi Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C72 60000000

No Toadette Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C72 60000000

No Koopa Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C7A 60000000

No Toad Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C62 60000000

No Daisy Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C7E 60000000

No Peach Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C82 60000000

No Birdo Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C86 60000000

No Diddy Kong Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C8A 60000000

No King Boo Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C8E 60000000

No Bowser Jr Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C92 60000000

No Dry Bowser Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C96 60000000

No Funky Kong Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C9A 60000000

No Rosalina Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8C9E 60000000

No Green Shell Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DCF 60000000

No Red Shell Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DD3 60000000

No Banana Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DD7 60000000

No FIB Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DDB 60000000

No Mushroom Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DDF 60000000

No Bomb-Omb Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DE7 60000000

No Blue Shell Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DEB 60000000

No Lightning Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DEF 60000000

No Star Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DF3 60000000

No Golden Mushroom Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DF7 60000000

No Blooper Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8DFF 60000000

No POW Block Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8E03 60000000

No TC Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8E07 60000000

No Bulletbill Icon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
028A8E0B 60000000

Language English Changer [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0088B96D 000000XX
*XX Values: 55 = English, 51 = French, 4D = Spanish

Language French Changer [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0088B979 000000XX
*XX Values: 55 = English, 51 = French, 4D = Spanish

Language Spanish Changer [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0088B981 000000XX
*XX Values: 55 = English, 51 = French, 4D = Spanish

Bomb-ombs Explode On Contact v2.0 *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0479BDC4 3800FFFF
*Credits to MrEvil & MrLuigi for original code
*This is MY version of the code <3

Bomb-omb No Damage Explosion *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0479BD00 60000000
048A0B3C 00000000

Green Shell Broken Color Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
00898EEF 000000XX
00898EFC 000000XX
*XX Values: Red = 52, Green = 47

Red Shell Broken Color Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
00898F0A 000000XX
00898F17 000000XX
*XX Values: Red = 52, Green = 47

Item Auto-Trail [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
048A09A4 00000002
048A0ABC 00000002
048A0D1C 00000002
048A0F3C 00000002
048A1244 00000002
*Credits to mdmwii for original code
*This is MY version of the code <3
X values apply to ALL the following codes!
XXXXXXXX Value = The items new effect
8079F1A8 = Mushroom
807A911C = Lightning
807A860C = Star
8079F2BC = Golden Mushroom
807D6AFC = Mega Mushroom
807D4F74 = Blooper
807D9580 = POW Block
807D6C10 = Thundercloud
807D68BC = Bullet Bill
807A3C00 = Disable Holding the Item

Green Shell Item Effect Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]

Triple Green Shell Item Effect Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare] 048A1264 XXXXXXXX

Red Shell Item Effect Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]

Triple Red Shell Item Effect Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]

Banana Item Effect Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
No tagname [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
048A4414 2EDBE6FF

Tagname Size Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
*Replace X's with a float value.
*Default is 3FC00000

Static Green Shell *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
047A7434 60000000

Jumping Green & Red Shells *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
047A747C 60000000

Drift Effects Size Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
*Replace X's with a float value

Bob-omb Never Explode [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0479BDB4 60000000
*Credit to mdmwii for original code

Disable Online Play (UNTESTED) [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
04000068 60000000
*80000068: 9065000C stw r3,12(r5)

Never 100cc *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
04893D04 60000000

Can Never Join Friend [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
045B5CA4 60000000
*You can never join friends

Can Never Get In A Random WW *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0488F1A4 60000000
*You can join friends, just no random WWs

Press Button To Spaz Out *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
E0000000 00000000
0488DA00 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*Visible to others

Can Always Perform Trick v.2 [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0456F364 2C00F000
*As long as your in the air, you can always perform a trick
*Now works better than old version, and is 1 like shorter

Shrink Screen [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0488D0E4 40400000

Zoom in on screen [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0488D0E4 3F000000

Random Finish Line [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0488B47C 40400000
*Credit to kHacker
*Places finish line in a random location, in most courses it's not possible to cross the finish line. In those specific courses, this can also be an infinite lap code.

Weird Respawns [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
045733C0 3803FF77
*Credit to Davidevgen for address
*Code modified by DarkFlare

Stock Items 3 [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
04796802 60000000
E0000000 80008000
*All credit to me

Press Button to END Mega Mushroom *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ <-- Button to make last forever. Press again to get out of Mega.
04572d90 7C601B78
CC000000 00000000
04572d90 60000000
E0000000 80008000

Press Button to END Star *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ <-- Button to make last forever. Press again to get out of Star.
04572ec4 7C601B78
04573078 7C601B78
CC000000 00000000
04572ec4 60000000
04573078 60000000
E0000000 80008000

BulletBill Ultra Speed Mod(You Choose button acivator)[DarkFlare]
048B1138 30000000
E0000000 00000000
048B1138 45900000
E0000000 80008000
048B1138 C5900000
E0000000 80008000
The first part makes your bullet bill stop.
The second part makes your bullt go so fast, you win instantly.
The Third part makes you go backwards, so fast, you lose instantly, impossible to win unless you hack back to first, using this hack.

My VR Hack [DarkFlare]
28341462 00001000
48000000 809B8F88
DE000000 90009380
5A010000 00009050
3A000000 0000FFFF
12000000 0000FFFF
E0000000 80008000
28341462 00008000
48000000 809B8F88
DE000000 90009380
5A010000 00009050
3A000000 0000270F
12000000 0000270F
E0000000 80008000
28341462 00000010
48000000 809B8F88
DE000000 90009380
5A010000 00009050
3A000000 000088B8
12000000 000088B8
E0000000 80008000
Press - for Guest VR
Press Home for 9999 VR
Press + for 35000 VR

Huge Lakitu [DarkFlare]
0489D9EC 000FFFFF

My version of teleporting [UNTESTED] [DarkFlare]
C25AA70C 00000006
3D808034 A18CYYYY
2C0CZZZZ 40820018
823E006C 3E000002
7E308A14 923E006C
48000008 D33E006C
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C25AA70C 00000006
3D808034 A18CYYYY
2C0CZZZZ 40820018
823E006C 3E000002
7E308A14 923E006C
48000008 D33E006C
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
The first part should make you moonjump
The second part should make you do a reverse moonjump.
YYYY = Controller Address*
ZZZZ = Button Activator*

Toyota Moving Forward 2.0 [UNTESTED] [DarkFlare]
48000000 809BE398
DE000000 80008180
4A100000 00000E5B
DE000000 80008180
92010001 00000000
86300001 FFFFFFFE
94010001 00000000
92010001 00000008
94010001 00000008
E0000000 80008000
C27E1AE0 00000003
39CE7FFF 80030008
7C007038 00000000
0488D180 00000000
04563AEC C05F0080
When you hit a banana, FIB, etc, you'll just keep going! [Original code by Hamster35000vr]

Press Button to grow/shrink shells [NTSC_US][UNTESTED] [DarkFlare]
049be798 42066666
049be80C 42066666
E0000000 80008000
049be798 C2066666
049be80C C2066666
E0000000 80008000
YYYY = Controller Address*
ZZZZ = Button Activator*

No movement in character [NTSC_US] [UNTESTED] [DarkFlare]
04054424 00000000
0405442C 00000000
04054448 00000000
04054470 00000000
0405449C 00000000
040544CC 00000000
040544F4 00000000
04054520 00000000
04054550 00000000
040545A4 00000000

Really crazy Character [NTSC_US][UNTESTED] [DarkFlare]
04054444 90000000
0405442C 90000000
04054448 90000000
04054470 90000000
0405449C 90000000
040544CC 90000000
040544F4 90000000
04054520 90000000
04054550 90000000
0457B244 C1A2005C

Sun Brightness Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
*Use geckocodes for values. For example: 40400000 = x4 brightness (Almost White)

 Item Stalking Fixed *ONLINE* (Since the version on GeckoCodes doesnt work, I fixed it] [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
F6000001 80008100
809D0078 807D0160
D2000008 00000008
C05D0044 C2BD0048
C2DD004C 3D808000
D04C1680 D2AC1684
D2CC1688 3D6043F0
916C168C C2EC168C
818C1690 EEB5B82A
D04C0000 D2AC0004
D2CC0008 00000000
F6000001 80008100
C0690008 39200000
D2000008 00000003
2C180000 4082000C
3D808000 908C1690
EC411028 00000000
CC000000 00000000
F6000001 80008100
809D0078 807D0160
14000008 C05D0044
F6000001 80008100
C0690008 39200000
14000008 EC411028
E0000000 80008000
*Requires a "Master Button Activator" code*

Freeze when going into a Cannon [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
048XXXXX 60000000


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Posts: 1310

btw, since we were talking about polygon generators, I made one for ge007.



GoldenEye 007 Wii
I am a pro GoldenEye 007 Wii Legit player. I used to play almost every day. My name on there was AgentPlus. My codes WOULD say [NTSC_US] [AgentPlus] but people wouldn't recognize me as DarkFlare if I did that. I almost never hack or play this game at all anymore. I will probably start coding CoD next. I was also a YouTuber and I recorded a lot. So yea, enough gibberish, here's my codes:
Released GoldenEye 007 Wii Codes I Have Made:

Press Button To DC Everyone *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
F6000001 80608070
3CCCCCCD 3E000000
14000134 00000000
E0000000 80008000

No XP [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
C227980C 00000002
3F400000 635A0000
7C00D214 00000000

No Grenades Or Mines [NTSC_US][DarkFlare]
C210B71C 00000004
2C050060 40820010
3C000200 60000551
7C06292E 7C06282E
60000000 00000000
C210B71C 00000004
2C050070 40820010
3C000200 60000551
7C06292E 7C06282E
60000000 00000000

Extra-Crazy Enemy Distortion [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
045D2D70 7F800000
*If you want to modify, replace 7F8 with a float. 3F8 = Default

Polygon Generator (GUNS ONLY) [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0061E319 0000XXXX
0061E31A 3CA0YYYY
*Replace X's with the number of polygons
*Replace Y's with the location of the polygon


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Posts: 1310

more for other games:


I am not known well as a CoD player. I have made, like, no videos about it or anything. My name is also AgentPlus on there, so if you know me from Ge, then you may see me on CoD

CoD mw: Reflex Edition Coding Tutorials
a) in this game, 01000000 usually means on, while 00000000 usually means off.

Released Cod mw: Reflex Edition codes I have made:
No Score Prank [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
048D2FB4 60000000
*Your score will be gone
*Just to prank people that your score is gone
*Credit to matt123337

Disable Knifing All Players [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
05075184 FFFFFFFF
*Shortened BLITZ*'s version by many lines.
*Code checked and shortened by DarkFlare

Loud Running *ONLINE* [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
05074374 3F400000
*Decreases sound resistance by half

Cannot Join Session while in progress [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
050689D4 00000000
*Credit to superman

Reticule Color Modifier [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
0506610C 0000000X
*Replace X with a value, 1 through A

042D969C 38000000
*Credit to hetoan2

Negative Ammo [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
042D969C 3800FF00
*Credit to hetoan2

Wii Play
I dont even play this game. I have made very few codes for this game.

Released Wii Play Codes I have made
Infinate Time v2.0 [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
05B62CFC 45BB8000

Game Never Ends (Air Hockey) [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
042013A4 2C00FFFF

Infinate Lives [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
F6000001 80008180
809D0034 807D0038
14000008 3880FFFF
E0000000 80008000
*Credit to [email protected]

Guitar Hero 3
I don't play this game anymore. I used to play it a lot.
Released Guitar Hero 3 Codes I have made:

Full Time Multiplier v2.1 [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
14E61230 00000FFF
*Original code by stevenhill627
*Two lines shorter than original

Infinate Overdrive [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
02E611F0 000042C8

Full Rock Meter v2.0 [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
02E61734 00003FFF
*Original code by stevenhill627
*Two Lines Shorter


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codes that will ruin mkwii if released:



Mario Kart Wii
Codes that will LITERALLY ruin Mario Kart Wii if leaked!

Delete selected persons friend roster.
*How this code works:
1. Someone else opens a room
2. Send a buddy request to someone
3. If they accept, their roster will be bricked!

Freeze selected person when sending them a friend request.
*How this code works:
1. Someone opens a room
2. Send someone a buddy request
3. They will freeze!

Ban Person when sending them a buddy request
*How this code works:
1. Someone open a room
2. Send someone a buddy request
3. Next time they connect to WiFi, they will be banned!


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powerful codelist:


 Perfect Timer *ONLINE* [DarkFlare]
[COLOR=#004000]*Online AND offline
*Has a few minor dc errors after the race is over
*Beats all normal timers and some perfect timer
 only gets Mushrooms

No Disconnect *ONLINE* [BullyWiiPlaza]
*Makes the WW your in only get mushrooms from item box.

Impervious [BullyWiiplaza]

DC Legits [Mr Dry]

Freeze WW (Alternate) [UNTESTED] [DarkFlare]
*Original code by EvilRobot
*This ALTERNATE version made by Flare

No Drop Item Freeze [EvilRobot]

Pow Limiter *ONLINE* [Mr Dry]

Blooper Limiter *ONLINE* [DarkFlare]
*Made this modding Lightning Limiter

Pow Limiter *ONLINE* [H3AT]

DC WW [NTSC_US] [EvilRobot]

Perfect Timer *ONLINE* [Josh]
*Beats ALL timers that were released. This version works perfectly and is only 3 lines!

Lag out opponents [NTSC_US] [mdmwii]
*Similar to DC WW
*This version slowly DC's them by pressing a button.
*This code is a mod of race during countdown.

Take as long as you want when voting (Allows you to take unlimited time when voting) [BullyWiiPlaza]

No Freeze With Spam MOD v.2

Deception *ONLINE* [JAE]

Only Overpowered Items *ONLINE* [mkwiiAnonymousjr]

Invisible Items *ONLINE* [mdmwii]

Invisible Blue Shell *ONLINE* [mdmwii]

Invisible Green Shell *ONLINE* [mdmwii]

Invisible Red Shell *ONLINE* [mdmwii]

Invisible Bomb *ONLINE* [mdmwii]

Counter Freeze *ONLINE* [EvilRobot]

Deception-Like code [DarkFlare & EBJustin]

Invincible MOD (W/ Button Activator) [DarkFlare]

Disable Lightning (You can spam unlimited lightning, because it doesn't show on others screens!) [NTSC_US] [DarkFlare]
[color=#004000]*All credit to me

No WiiD aka give this code to someone and they are banned from WiFi and all their stuff is gone [DarkFlare]

No SN aka give this code to someone and they cant connect to WiFi [DarkFlare]

Always banned from WiFi aka give this code to someone to ban them from WiFi [Universal] [DarkFlare]

Race never starts *NEW VERSION* [DarkFlare]

DC People Code [BullyWiiPlaza]

Freeze WW Bypass [DarkFlare]
Note: This code is untested. It does not stop you from freezing normally. This should only stop you from freezing when other people try to freeze you.


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RIP Mario Kart DS Wifi

Youtube Channel: baseballdude13000

RIP Mario Kart Wii Wifi

Mario Kart 8 Friend Code: Available upon request

YouTube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL16AA911C1B7C01E8

(This playlist includes all of my mario kart videos)

Other YouTube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBA6D1925E1A2B227

(This playlist includes my best YouTube videos)

Some of my MKDS YouTube videos can be found in the videos section of this site, including but not limited to

  • MKDS Shy Guy Codes
  • MKDS Texture Hacks
  • MKDS Character Color Strobe Hacks
  • MKWii Glitches


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made several more. Including 360* control bullet (private code) and a bunch of useless ones. I'm the next mdmwii.


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Cool codes, especially the powerful codes!


This is Taylor, a member of over 8 years, and a moderator.

Most Wanted Thing: Go Out of Bounds, and No Clip (Mario Kart 7)

A code I mashed together: Drive Anywhere 2.0 (With tpactionreplay's no-clip):


I got MKDS, and my (original, now dead) DS Lite, on May 13th, 2009. It's hard to believe it's almost 10 years later.

Over 1,020 posts! (380 On my old account + over 640 posts on this.)

RIP Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi

2005 - 2014



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yey maybe with this tutorial I can make a code "freeze people before the game starts or before insert the game  on the wii " :3

About the bullet bill 360º make a frigen video :O


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I did. Its a pro code xD


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Hmmk gonna search the video.


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I'm glad I use Dolphin for MKW now. I wouldn't want some a** to freeze my Wii constantly, potentially destroying my Wii. MKW isn't fun anymore with all you hackers making codes to freeze people. 


I'm sick of being around idiots. http://tomixnscale89.wix.com/thewhistleworks

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I dont use them, EVER, I have never used a freeze code in my whole life. Only once in a friend room to test it. I'm a code collector, not a user. I would never give these codes to people.


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I just saw Yoshiteam but are you sure isn't 'play as bullet bill' ? because I saw a little sparkles below the Bullet bill like if you are using a kart o.o..



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its a mod of it. Address and value mod.


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