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They have a policy against gaming, apparently. My YouTube channel with over 1,000 subs and 530 videos - It's now banned. Did anyone else know they had a policy against gaming?





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It is most likely a translation issue. "Gaming" is surrounded by the words "spam" and "misleading content." They probably banned you for posting misleading videos like my epic gaming video right here: http://youtu.be/e782NUR4YdM


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i serched that same link in your picture and nothing shows up.




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oh wait nvm i see it now.  can you log in and see why it was banned?  usally there some sort of reason.  or check your email that connected to that account. btw i just found your account on wayback here the link.


btw i know how you got banned i bet...  you said you had 1000 subs? or over 1000?  wile most of your videos didnt hardly have views over 100. or 1000.  did you buy your subs to boost your sub count?  or buy views?  cause i have an accont with over 1500 subs and most of its videos have 36,000 view to 113,000 views.  (its a side account called Ahammockdream)

Anyways if thats what you did thats problably what got you banned. if not then it was problably somthing in your videos i guess.




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Pwner52746/PR0XY [email protected]
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I haven't encountered that problem yet although one of my videos is banned in certain countries lol it's probably because of the bg music I used in it


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