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Well hello all CARC KARC users (whatever's left of you now), I'm a new face of the boards - DixieKongJD who previously named themself Termingamer2-JD in places, and maybe even Luigi442wii.

I sit around playing games (especially NES and SNES) on my PC using a wireless PS3 controller - unofficial, and works with the PC without any programs - most of the time lately and go to a school full of people who play 5 games a month all in the similar genre because they don't know others.

Always been interested in the MKDS hacking scene since I first heard of it but never hacked anything properly (I found a glitch in Delfino Square Beta, early mission text and something else in the proto ROM though). It's a shame the codes are losing popularity as MKDS has turned ten years old this month in the UK.

(shamefully I live in that country which is not even a democracy, it's fake politics)

The only thing of any interest I have done though is run a board on ABXD and persist running it even though it gets spammed and hacked a few times, or something messes up, which I can't seem to take anywhere (a few people might have heard of it).

Hopefully I enjoy my stay here if I remember the board so yeah - also I hope to sometime make some codes for the beta MKDS for fun too.


[url=http://www.l4w2gamers.x10.mx/]L4W2 Gamers[/url] (blarg)

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i can make nes cheat codes  i have a few ive made  what game do you want hacked?  and welcome to the site!




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