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So i was taking a break looking over the rules, and i noticed there wasn't anything that said in the off topic area, that we can't create a thread called the Ban game or Guess The person above me. Before I made thoughs threeads and become a limited member, I just want to make sure that I can/can't do this.

Custom Track Disigner. PM Me an Custom Track or give me an idea of a CT. I already got like 45 ideas, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME!!! "OMG, I looked at the file and saw its Size, 14MB OMG! Then I opened the file and looked at its prettyness, OMG Then I exported to .obj and got over 70000 faces. OMG, The wii Us ram isn't ready for this. Mario Kart 8 can't support it!!! OMG!!! That means cutdown!!! HARD!!! A track that large can't have over 5000 faces OMG!!! Change EVERYTHING!!! - Have a nice Day *Troll Face*" MKDS: Jorden98 Channel: http://www.youtube.com/jorden98 MKDS FC: 155004-556532 ACWW FC: 3783-4293-2892 Friends on MKDS Proxy [email protected] and someone else...
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There's no such thing as an off topic thread. Scroll to the bottom of the forum home where you post threads and it should say simple chat. You can post what you want there as long as you don't violate ant other rules.
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whatever your doing is fine dont worry




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