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Anyone play this or want to verse me... Found this game a couple days ago... Plus anyone want to play a match?

Custom Track Disigner. PM Me an Custom Track or give me an idea of a CT. I already got like 45 ideas, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME!!! "OMG, I looked at the file and saw its Size, 14MB OMG! Then I opened the file and looked at its prettyness, OMG Then I exported to .obj and got over 70000 faces. OMG, The wii Us ram isn't ready for this. Mario Kart 8 can't support it!!! OMG!!! That means cutdown!!! HARD!!! A track that large can't have over 5000 faces OMG!!! Change EVERYTHING!!! - Have a nice Day *Troll Face*" MKDS: Jorden98 Channel: http://www.youtube.com/jorden98 MKDS FC: 155004-556532 ACWW FC: 3783-4293-2892 Friends on MKDS Proxy [email protected] and someone else...
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Taylor (Dead account)
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This is my dead account.

See some of the recent topics, you will find my alive account.

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