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I am looking for the stardust texture from rainbow road. I can't understand the values in star dust speedway. So Dave may you please fill in the X's with stardust texture. (the values on the 1st column are just examples.)

00000100 XXXXXXXX

00000104 XXXXXXXX

00000108 XXXXXXXX (maybe)

0000010C XXXXXXXX (maybe)

00000230 XXXXXXXX

00000234 XXXXXXXX

00000238 XXXXXXXX

0000023C XXXXXXXX (maybe)

The maybe lines might or might not exist depending on the values.


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it cant be done...  i tried to fix it too but the root file is diffrent for the BG model vs the main course model.  the texture will not show up because of that.  i can tell you where the texture is though  using yoshi on egg1  the main texture in near 022d7300  wile the background texture is at 022e0xxx




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