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li cant say much about it its more of a show piece than anything. 

version 2.0 

has a funtioning mine sweeper, calculater and note pad. that barely works and install sequence from a fake bios setup. you can shut it down but all it does is craashes your ds (both version)  sleep mode turns off your screen light.   has a funtional clock (both versions)

version 3.0

shows you ds specs,  has the start up sounds from windows. freazes if you try to use wifi connections, glitches up badly if you use the background screen change options.  has no usful apps and is in fransis language. you can view files on your flash card but cant actually open them.  and has a bunch of useless icons that doesnt actually do anything. 

almost sounds like those popstasions that ashens guy reviews lol.

pretty much there both usless crappy homebrew knockoff's of windows. and the person that made them should either fix them or die in a hole for making such a pittyful mash up of bitmap images and fragmented data particals. XP

see it


download it  (make sure to click download selected version button on the right)





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That sounds pretty bad XD


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If it has internet explorer then it might be worth it but if it doesn't then it's pretty bad.


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hmm Seems interesting lol


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Yep i just tried this and it really sucks. 


I'm sick of being around idiots. http://tomixnscale89.wix.com/thewhistleworks

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