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I got a combination of codes so that you can be a Bullet Bill while the Spiny Blue Shell chase's behind you

First of all, the codes!

Always Have Bullet Bill:

923d629a 00000200

6217bc2c 00000000

b217bc2c 00000000

2000004c 0000000e

20000054 00000001

d2000000 00000000

Blue Shell Speed:

220fca74 00000023

Everlasting Bullet Bill 2.0:

1206958c 00000000

Cruise Controll Bullet Bill (If you want to controll the bullet bill while being chased. (Also needed)):

220907d4 00000034

020907d8 00000000

020907dc 00000000

and the rest of the codes below are optional

Green Shell to Blue Shell:

02159920 00000005

Red Shell to Blue Shell:

02159840 00000005

Now, when you transform into a Bullet Bill and someone throws a Spiny Blue Shell or a Green Shell or a Red Shell (because those will turn into a Spiny Blue Shell once thrown), the Spiny Blue Shell will be on your tail the whole time (but at 1 point, it will hit you but it won't affect you since your still a bullet bill unless you fell off course then that's a whole different story!)

Tell me if you think this is fun! If not, you can just remove them. I'm completely fine with your choice! :)



Mario Kart DS, a game that everbody hacks!


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I tried this and i like it!


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lol cool combo




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