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Hey Dave/anyone else.

You posted this kind of the code on CW-Games a while ago.


And now me and Ray want to release a hack with 48 tracks online, but well, how?! I have no idea how does the code work. And also, Custom Tracks start rom slot #55 and last until #70. We also want it to contain only the tracks, that can be playable in TT, so no Battle Courses and so.
Please, give me a bit of help. ;_;

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its really simple

1202aee8 00000960
2202af92 000000fe
2202afa4 000000fe
2202aea2 000000ff
0202ab20 02002bd0
0202b550 02002bd0
d3000000 02153898
f2002bd0 0000007c
d2000000 00000000

the first 32 tracks are alreay there all you need to do it add your custom courses to the already avalible slots in the rom.  as for adding more than 32 you need mkds3's asm code to extend the id's to add more folders to the rom its self.  then you just add on the values past this point


 starting on this adress and making more codes beyond that

02002c4c 00000040

like this

02002c50 00000041

02002c54 00000042

02002c58 00000043

02002c5c 00000044

02002c60 00000045




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