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first the updated one.

davidevgens dense fog code 22076c6c 00000003- on the last number,change 0-9.

now my codes inspired by davidgens codes.

no audio-1300f812 0009999e

really fast and high pitched noises-030040d8 00000000

select audio 1-1300d804 0009999e

select noise 1-1300d084 0009999e

select noise 2-1300480d 0009999e

mario kart double dash like noise on pause screen-13004f38 0009999e

white graphics-02010710 60bde21e1

02010710 996ea2e0

lag in noise (one goes then the other)-1300403d 0009999e

start different and 300cc-6217acf8 00000088

b217acf8 00000fff

000000f7 0000f7ff

000000f8 0000000f

000000d6 00000a0e

000000d2 0000ffff

well,there you go. enjoy.:)

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nice, i didnt know you were a coder!


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The human brain is set up to look for patterns, going by this. I decided to write down some of daves audio codes. after 30 or so minutes,i had my 1st code. after a while i compiled this list.

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heh heh yep that basicly how i started till i disacovered the ds trainer tool kit.  then i really started cracking out codes! lol  good work :P




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