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About Me

Hi and welcome to my profile. My name is Adrian and these are my friend codes for DS. FYI Please contact me thru message to play me ^^

Mario KartDS iKilHackrz (116247 476849)

Diddy Kong Racing (223635 988765)

Animal Crossing DS (279472 526149)



lol but just inbox me if you need anything..im a HACKER FTW!!!! XD

103 years old
About Me

i only check up here every few weeks to a month now.   if you want to contact me go to my davidevgen youtube profile.

always send me a message never post comments on my prifile ill never see them!

ill answer as soon as i can :)

[ [__] ]

[●[_]::] 3DS number (3136-6574-4587)

Mario Kart Wii (0389 0664 8972)

Dâνid E


SSBB  1461 6056 7546

 Diddy Kong Racing DS (000194 685202)

N64 Diddy

 Animal crossing DS (081889 536914)

ive got a pretty cool mansion!

 Mario Kart DS (270830 699855)

N64 Mario

 Mario kart DS 2 (hacking)

369727 267049


 Zelda phantom... (099067 1956478)

 Pokemon heart G. (309493 932868)

 Wii number (5005 0562 9948 1849)


What do you think of Kallum's A.R Site?

what do you think i dont know.

Tell us about yourself! Where you live, what you do, etc.!

where do i live? somewhere over the rainbow i think.

Kallum ***SITE OWNER***
Site Owner
About Me

What do you think of Kallum's A.R Site?

The best site for ACTIONREPLAY CODES!

Tell us about yourself! Where you live, what you do, etc.!

My name is Kallum, i am 14 (EDIT I'm 24 now lol), i like sports (Swimming & cycling), and i love to play video games, and make AR codes for Mariokart ds! :)

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