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      Welcome to the Mario Kart DS Action Replay Code Maker Page!

Here you can make up your own custom codes with the tutorials below!


   Before you begin you will need to Open Windows Note pad by right clicking and then click "new" and open  "Text Document".

If you don't Understand the tutorials below Contact  the owner or admins for assistants.



 Change the ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZ for the button you want.  (Button codes listed below) Then once you've added the buttons, scroll down a little bit more to the weapon values and replace the X's with a desired item value.
And that's it!
  Note* make sure to add the same item value to each X on the online version!



Offline Item Code   ~  (single player)  add this once

6217b330 00000000
db000000 02000d70
b217bc2c 00000000
20000054 00000001
d8000000 0000004c
d2000000 00000000

Online item code  ~  (Wifi)  add this code once

6217b330 00000000
db000000 02000d70
b217bc14 00000000
20000978 00000001
20000b88 00000001
d8000000 00000970
d8000000 00000b7f
a23cdda8 00000004
20000d96 00000001
d8000000 00000d8e
a23cddd8 00000004
20000fa5 00000001
d8000000 00000f9d
d2000000 00000000

Item Modifier Code wifi/offline 3.0
Make as many of these codes as you like!
22000d70 000000XX
d2000000 00000000

Button activator codes  (ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZ)

the Z's are your button activator codes.
Replace the Z's with the button code of your choice below.

(Single Buttons)

94000130 fffe0000 = A
94000130 fffd0000 = B
94000130 fffb0000 = SELECT
94000130 fff70000 = START
94000130 ffef0000 = RIGHT
94000130 ffdf0000 = LEFT
94000130 ffbf0000 = UP
94000130 ff7f0000 = DOWN
94000130 feff0000 = R
94000130 fdff0000 = L
94000136 fffe0000 = X  (hardware only)
94000136 fffd0000 = Y
  (hardware only)                                                                                                                927fffa8 f8ff0000 = X
927fffa8 f4ff0000 = Y

A27fffa8 7fff0000 = DS folded 
94000136 ff3f0000 = Touch screen (note: works with the latest nightly build of desumue)

927fffa8 dfff0000 = DEBUG button                                                                                                                             This button activator is useless on hardware, but with emulators you can configure the button on the keyboard or a controller to be used with a code!


(Combo Buttons)

94000130 fff30000 = START + SELECT
94000130 fffc0000 = A + B
94000136 fffc0000 = X + Y  (hardware only)
927fffa8 f0ff0000 = X + Y
94000130 f0ff0000 = L + R
94000130 ff5f0000 = Down + Left
94000130 ff6f0000 = Down + Right
94000130 ff9f0000 = Up + Left
94000130 ffaf0000 = Up + Right
94000130 fff60000 = Start + A
94000130 fff50000 = Start + B
94000130 fffa0000 = Select + A
94000130 fff90000 = Select + B
94000130 fff40000 = start + A + B
94000130 fff80000 = select + A + B
94000130 fff20000 = start + select + A
94000130 fff10000 = start + select + B
94000130 fff00000 = start + select + A + B

Weapons values

Replace the XX with a number or letter below

00 = Green shell
01 = Red shell
02 = Banana
03 = Fake item box
04 = Single mushroom
05 = Triple mushroom 3x
06 = Bomb
07 = Blue shell
08 = Thunderbolt
09 = Triple green shells
0a = Triple bananas
0b = Triple red shells
0c = Star
0d = Golden mushroom
0e = Bullet bill
0f = Blooper
10 = Ghost
11 = Real item box
   (only use in offline battle and shine runners mode)

Tutorial and codes by Dave


2. Lap Modifiers   


Want to set the amount of laps you want to do? This tool allows you to set 0 to 5 laps you want to do! 


1.Open up windows Note Pad  (or where ever you want to Save the codes)

2.Once you have copied the code over,  Delete the X and put the Amount of Laps you want to do.

The Maximum laps you can do is 5.


023CDD3C 0000000X        (change the X for the Following Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )

Tutorial Posted By kallum


 3. How an action replay code works

Here, We Will Show You The Basics of an Item Code So you can Understand them.

94000130 FFBF0000 <-----(A) Button Activator. Press a button to activate the code. In this case its up.
B217BC14 00000000 <-----(B) Pointer address. (follows & sets the location of a specific code)         
B0000974 00000000 <-----(C) Pointer address 2. (follows & sets the location of a specific code inside 1st pointer)
20000038 00000001 <-----(D) Item Amount . write the 8-bit value of 01. Set to 03 for 3x mushrooms.
20000030 00000007 <-----(E) Item modifier. write the 8-bit value of 07.  (07) = Blue Shell.
D3000000 00000000 <-----(F) sets offset back to 0. (Refreshes the code for new pointer to be added)
B217BC14 00000000 <-(B) (2nd)
B0000B84 00000000 <-(C)
20000038 00000001 <-(D)
20000030 00000007 <-(E)
D3000000 00000000 <-(F)        
B217BC14 00000000 <-(B) (3rd)
B0000D94 00000000 <-(C)
20000038 00000001 <-(D)
20000030 00000007 <-(E)
D3000000 00000000 <-(F)
B217BC14 00000000 <-(B) (4th)
B0000FA4 00000000 <-(C)
20000038 00000001 <-(D)  
20000030 00000007 <-(E)
D2000000 00000000 <-----(G) End code instruction.

(A MUST HAVE LINE when using button activators and pointers)
this code will terminate any code instruction (ending the code)

Hope this helps!                                                                                     


Tutorial by Dave / posted by Kallum.               -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. Custom Size Modifier


This guide Will Allow you to Make your Own Custom Size Codes! Change the XX's for Any Number!

Remember that if you Put a Number Like 400 It Has to Be at the end (Ex: 000000400)

If you Don't Understand, Contact the Site Owner or Administrator's


Size Modifier Code

6217acf8 00000000
b217acf8 00000000
000000bc XXXXXXXX
000000c0 XXXXXXXX
000000c4 XXXXXXXX
d2000000 00000000

Each line equals a size.
here's the layout.

000000bc = width
000000c0 = height
000000c4 = Length

replace the XXXXXXXX with size values of your choice below. or you can make up your own size!!
fffff000 =  inverted normal size  (use with width and Length lines only)                                                          00000000 = invisible
00000070 = hot wheels car
00000800 = 1/2 of normal size
00001000 = normal size
00002000 = 2x
00003000 = 3x
00004000 = 4x
00005000 = 5x (really huge!)
0000a000 = 10X (ULTRA HUGE!!)
00014000 = 20x (Ludicrous HUGE!!!)
00032000 = 50x (HOLY CRUD HUGE!!!!)
00064000 = 100x (SIZE OF the MOON!!!!!)                                                                                                 00128000 = 200x (SIZE OF MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Any thing above 5x will have to have a camera modifier code to see the size. 


Tutorial by Dave / Posted Here by Kallum


5. Custom Region Modifier

here you can do custom regions for online wifi.

Region modifier code

223c9e00 0000000X



Replace the X with the region values below.

Region values (X)

0 = Japan (Red boarder White Rob)

1 = USA/Canada/Mexico (Blue boarder)

2 = Europe/Australia (Green boarder)

3 = Korea (Black boarder)

6 = White boarder (unused region 1)

A= Dark Blue boarder (unused region 2)

B= Dark Red boarder (unused region 3)

C = Purple (unused region 4)


note: with the unused regions you will find no one (unless another hacker is using the code) in the regional wifi matchmaking area but if your friend and you have the same unused region setting you can find each other  in regional match making section.


 Tutorial made by Dave


6. Custom Camera modifier

Here you can make cool camera angles or effects!  (right click and use use windows note pad to copy)

Camera modifier code

6217acf8 00000000
b217aa4c 00000000
 ????????  XXXXXXXX
d2000000 00000000


Here are the camera effect codes!  Each one equals a camera effect. Replace the ??? with these addresses and replace the XXX with the value listed below each address.


00000064 = NOS speed stretch effect (values below)

0000157c = normal
00002000 = 2x                                                                                                                                                   00002800 = 3x                                                                                                                                        

00003000 = 4x 

00003800 = 5x ultra stretched!

00006800 = upside down screen!



000000ac =  Camera angle move up/down (values below)


fffb0000 = under the kart view

fffeb000 = 2/3 down

ffff8000 = 1/3 down

00000000 = normal
00008000 = 1/3 up

00014000 = 2/3 up

00040000 = over head view



000000e8 =  Camera Zoom in & out (values below)

00000000 = up your nose (too close)

00000770 = your the driver (close up)

00001004 = normal

00002000 = 2x (zoomed out)

00003000 = 3x

00004000 = 4x

00005000 = 5x

0000a000 = 10x  (very far out)

00014000 = 20X 

00032000 = 50x

00064000 = 100x (see whole course)



00000130 = Earthquake Effect (values below)

00000000 = normal
00000001 = magnitude 1.0

00000010 = magnitude 3.0

0000000e = magnitude 5.0

0000000f = magnitude  9.0 (max)

00000041 = magnitude 50  (Holy Crud!)



000000c0 = screen tilt  X axis                                                                                                                                      000000c8 = screen tilt  Y axis  (Values apply for both addresses)  V

00000800 = 1/5 tilt

00001000 = 1/3 tilt

00003000 = 1/2 tilt

0000ffff  =  screen full turn around



0000016c =  Camera side view (values below)

00000000 = center

00003000 = slight tilt to the left (FFFFD000 or right)

00006000 = 1/2 side view left  (FFFFA000 or right)

00012000 = full side view left  (FFFEE000 or right)



note*  The camera angle effect will act different when you use the zoom effect in conjunction with it.  to correct this make the value bigger for the angle effect.


you can also just make up your own values if you want to!  You can also add all the camera effects! your not limited to just one effect!


6217aa4c 00000000
b217aa4c 00000000
000000ac 00002000
00000064 00003000
000000e8 00000a00
00000130 00000010
d2000000 00000000

Tutorial made by Dave


7. Wifi Wins and Loses Custom modifier


Wifi Wins

023ce304 XXXXXXXX

Wifi Loses

023ce308 XXXXXXXX


Win and Loses number values. Replace the XX's with a values below.


00000000 = 0

00000032 = 50

00000064 = 100

0000012c = 300

000001f4 = 500

00000300 = 800

000003e8 = 1000

000007dc = 2012  (end of the world! not really)

00001388 = 5000

0000270f = 9999  (loses won't go above this value)

00002710 = 10000

00004e86 = 20102  (Wii banned error code value)

00007530 = 30000

00009c40 = 40000

0000c350 = 50000

0000ea60 = 60000

00011170 = 70000

00013880 = 80000

0001869f =  99999

000186a0 = 100000

0003d090 = 250000

0007a120 = 500000

000b71b0 = 750000

000f423f = 999999

000f4240 = 1000000

f50a93c7 =  4111111111  (Maximum!  any number except 1 will over lap from the loses into wins with this)


If you would like to make your own number up you can either put a random number in the addresses above or you can use the computer calculator in scientific/programmer  mode to do custom wins and loses.


Where is the computer calculator and how do i get Scientific/Programmer mode to show?

for windows users only

1. Click  start/windows logo  in the bottom left corner of your screen.

2. Click all programs

3. Click accessories and open the calculator


If your calculator is already set to Scientific/Programmer mode skip step 4

4. click view and click Scientific or Programmer (depending what version of windows your using)


how do i make my own win/loses values?

1. Set you calculator to (Dec) by clicking the little dot and enter the desired number you want

(might be pre set to dec mode)

2. Click the (Hex) dot and then add the number that is being shown on your calculator to your code.

3. Your done!


Tutorial made by Dave


8: Make your Own SHY GUY color!


Make Your Own Shy Guy Code:
023cdd40 0000000c
023d99dc XXXXYYYZ

Replace all the X's with FFFF for weird touch screen icons, or 0000 for normal touch screen icons.

Replace all the Y's with anything, although 0, 1, and A aren't recommended. These will affect the color of the shyguy.

The Z is tricky, it affects both the touch screen icon and the color of the shyguy. When you're replacing X with F, then replace Z with F for Rob touch screen icon, E for messed up daisy touch screen icon, D for messed up Waluigi touch scrooen icon, or C for green shy guy icon. When replacing X with 0, replace Z with 9 for light blue shy guy icon, 8 for black shy guy icon, 7 for white shy guy icon, and 6 for pink shy guy icon. The rest of the numbers for both sets are one of the four icons in the set.

You can also add a button activator at the beginning of this code, in that case hold that button while the course is loading.


Tutorial created by Baseballdude13.


9. Make Your Own Texture Codes


This is a tutorial for making texture hacks without a program.


Before we begin actually making the codes, we need to understand how these codes work. All we are doing in these codes is replacing textures with other textures already programmed into the game. We are not creating new textures, nor are we re-aligning them, so some of them are going to be misaligned.


The first part of the code is 923cdcd8 000000XX. This line tells the game "whenever you play on course XX..." It's sort of like an activator. The XX should correspond to the course you are trying to texture hack. A list of valuescan be found below:

01 - [GCN Yoshi Circuit]

02 - old_mario_gcn

03 - luigi_course

04 - dokan_course

05 - test1_course

06 - donkey_course

07 - wario_course

08 - nokonoko_course

09 - [GCN Baby Park]

0A - [SNES Mario Circuit 1]

0B - [N64 Moo Moo Farm]

0C - [GBA Bowser Castle 2]

0D - [GBA Peach Circuit]

0E - [GCN Luigi Circuit]

0F - [SNES Koopa Beach 2]

10 - [N64 Frappe Snowland]

11 - [Tick-Tock Clock]

12 - [Luigi's Mansion]

13 - [Airship Fortress]

14 - [Figure 8 Circuit]

15 - test_circle

16 - [Yoshi Falls]

17 - [N64 Banshee Boardwalk]

18 - [Shroom Ridge]

19 - [Mario Circuit]

1A - [Peach Gardens]

1B - [Desert Hills]

1C - [Delfino Square]

1D - [Rainbow Road]

1E - [DK Pass]

1F - [Cheep Cheep Beach]

20 - [Bowser Castle]

21 - [Waluigi Pinball] (beta version)

22 - [Wario Stadium]

23 - [SNES Donut Plains 1]

24 - [N64 Choco Mountain]

25 - [GBA Luigi Circuit]

26 - [GCN Mushroom Bridge]

27 - [SNES Choco Island 2]

28 - [GBA Sky Garden]

29 - mini_block_course

2A - Block Fort

2B - Pipe Plaza

2C - Nintendo DS

2D - Lighthouse (Twilight House)

2E - Palm Shore

2F - Shortcake (Tart Top)


For example, if you want to texture hack choco island, you would have 923cdcd8 00000027.


The next two lines are as follows:

020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e00523XX

These two lines tell the game to load textures from a particular course. Again, use the course values above to determine which course's textures you would like to know.


So for example, if you want to use bowser castle textures, use:


020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e0052320


The next line will be b23c4ef8 00000000. This line is the pointer for any codes that involve transparency, color, and/or texture modifications.


So far your code should look like this:

923cdcd8 00000027

020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e0052320

b23c4ef8 00000000


Just to review, the modifiable values are listed as X's below.

923cdcd8 000000XX

020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e00523XX

b23c4ef8 00000000


Now, it's time to replace textures. This is a complicated process, but if you follow my directions, you will hopefully be able to pull it off.For this part of the code, which is the actual texture-replacing part of the code, there is one general rule of thumb. The first 8 digits of a line will always represent the item which you are retexturizing (new vocabulary word students) and the last 8 digits will always represent which texture you are using to retexturize the object.


For this technique to work, you need some values beforehand. You need to know the values that correspond to the item which you are retexturizing and the values for the texture which you are using.


Just to make things easier, I will give you some guidelines for how the texture codes operate. The first rule is, each texture item has 8 lines; four consecutive lines counting by fours (0, 4, 8, C) and four more consecutive lines counting by fours. It will look like this for one item on choco island.

000002d0 XXXXXXXX

000002d4 XXXXXXXX

000002d8 XXXXXXXX

000002dc XXXXXXXX

00000400 XXXXXXXX

00000404 XXXXXXXX

00000408 XXXXXXXX

0000040c XXXXXXXX


You can obtain these values by observing other hackers' codes. I find Dave's codes to be the easiest because all 8 lines are next to each other. Supa's codes follow a system where everything from the first four lines is together and everything from the second four lines is together. My codes tend to jump around, so if you're a beginner, don't reference my codes.


Now, we just need to figure out how to add the textures to these values so that it appears in the game. You must observe more texture hacks in order to recognize a certain texture value that you can use. Please keep in mind that for this part of the code, you must observe any code that makes the course have bowser castle textures, or whatever textures you intend to use. After observing a texture hack that involves Bowser Castle textures, try to find the individual texture values.

000001A8 675f6b6E

000001AC 73736172

000001B0 00003230

00000230 675f6b6E

00000234 73736172

00000238 705f3230

2000023C 0000006c

000001B8 795f6b6E

000001BC 0000326f

100001C0 00000000

00000240 795f6b6E

00000244 6c705f6f

00000248 00000000

2000024c 00000000


It may seem kind of confusing at first. But let me give you a tip that I forgot to give earlier: While observing codes, it's possible to have a value less than 8 lines. This is helpful in reducing the amount of lines your code has. A lot of values will just end in 00000000, so if the values for both the object and the texture end this way, you don't have to create another line. If you have not found two different texture values look again, remembering the tips I've given you.


After further examination you should have seen the following values emerge:





















Let's plug one of these values into our partially finished texture code.

000002d0 795f6b6e

000002d4 0000326f

000002d8 00000000

000002dc 00000000

00000400 795f6b6e

00000404 6c705f6f

00000408 00000000

0000040c 00000000


Now that we have a partial code, let's test it to make sure it works. 

923cdcd8 00000027

020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e0052320

b23c4ef8 00000000

000002d0 795f6b6e

000002d4 0000326f

000002d8 00000000

000002dc 00000000

00000400 795f6b6e

00000404 6c705f6f

00000408 00000000

0000040c 00000000

d2000000 00000000

Test that code and see if it does anything if you play on choco island.


After testing, you should have found that the off-road is now lava. However, the rest of the course is completely white! How do we fix this?

We fix it the same way we did with the off-road, which is now lava: Add more values!

To obtain these values, observe Bowser's Hot Springs or Molten Granite Island, foundon the Premium Codes page.


Now, you must plug in different texture values for the different objects. Ordinarily, you would use a variety of texture values, but for now... Let's go crazy with the lava texture.

By now, you should have this:

923cdcd8 00000027

020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e0052320

b23c4ef8 00000000

000002d0 795f6b6e

000002d4 0000326f

000002d8 00000000

00000400 795f6b6e

00000404 6c705f6f

00000408 00000000

000002e0 795f6b6e

000002e4 0000326f

000002e8 00000000

00000410 795f6b6e

00000414 6c705f6f

00000418 00000000

00000320 795f6b6e

00000324 0000326f

00000328 00000000

2000032c 00000000

00000450 795f6b6e

00000454 6c705f6f

00000458 00000000

2000045c 00000000

d2000000 00000000


Now test the code. You should find that most of the course is lava textured now, but the sky is white and some objects are missing color.


Well, there is a solution to the problem. If you look at the other codes that texture this course, you will be able to find lines in between the pointer and the texture modifiers.

200004a6 00000000

2000068e 00000000

20000662 00000000

200072ce 00000000

10002d44 00000fff

10006130 0000b000

10006c28 0000b000

10002da8 000003ff

100033f8 000003ff

10003c28 000003ff


Copy these into your code, right after b23c4ef8 00000000, and see what happens.


You should have found that some of the previously-white textures are now invisible, while others are now colored. The lines beginning with 20000... determine transparency, while the lines beginning with 1000... determine color.


However, the sky is still missing texture. This can be fixed almost as easily as the rest of the textures. The values that correspond to the sky have for digits at the end instead of three.

00007230 XXXXXXXX

00007234 XXXXXXXX

10007238 XXXXXXXX

00007270 XXXXXXXX

00007274 XXXXXXXX

10007278 XXXXXXXX


Now, WAIT! Before you fail in an attempt to texture the sky lava, I must share important information with you: The sky can only be textured using sky values. You must observe a bowser castle texture code that textures the sky.

You should have obtained the following value:








Now plug these values in. Your code should now look like this:

923cdcd8 00000027

020484a0 d0002a00

020484a4 e0052320

b23c4ef8 00000000

200004a6 00000000

2000068e 00000000

20000662 00000000

200072ce 00000000

10002d44 00000fff

10006130 0000b000

10006c28 0000b000

10002da8 000003ff

100033f8 000003ff

10003c28 000003ff

000002d0 795f6b6e

000002d4 0000326f

000002d8 00000000

00000400 795f6b6e

00000404 6c705f6f

00000408 00000000

000002e0 795f6b6e

000002e4 0000326f

000002e8 00000000

00000410 795f6b6e

00000414 6c705f6f

00000418 00000000

00000320 795f6b6e

00000324 0000326f

00000328 00000000

2000032c 00000000

00000450 795f6b6e

00000454 6c705f6f

00000458 00000000

2000045c 00000000

00007230 735f6b6e

00007234 0033796b

10007238 00000000

00007270 735f6b6e

00007274 5f33796b

10007278 00006c70

d2000000 00000000



Congratualtions! You have just made Ultimate Lava, the first real texture hack by Baseballdude13. Now, you can make your own texture hacks. If you get stuck, or if something doesn't look right, you can always reference this tutorial to see if you missed anything.


Tutorial made by baseballdude13



Have Fun!  ^.~ 


                         Mario Kart DS Tips and Secrets!


1.        Cancel out connect timer on friend races!   (No Action Replay needed)


This will work for 2 players only! Don't use it with 3 or more players.   When you log on to wifi,  press and hold R then select friends and press OK. hold R the whole time until you reached the matchmaking page  (Searching...) the screen above will be as if you have been waiting for 3 minutes (that means you did it right)  

If you and your friend both do this on the friends setting you will instantly get connected!  this will work with worldwide, regional and rival too but unless the person on the other end has been waiting awhile its not likely you will connect with any one quickly.



2.     Get to the title screen quickly from any part of the game!  (No AR needed)


If you want to get back to the title screen instantly.  Press and hold L R SELECT STARTThis doesn't work on wifi.




3.                  Sometimes Avoid items crashes on wifi   (AR Required)


Ever get tired of being crashed by noobs or troll hackers on wifi cause of too many items being used? well there is a way to avoid that to a certain extent. if you use the item amount changer codes below. you can sometimes avoid item crashes.  it depends on the internet lag and how fast there deploying them. if there button mashing on the other end it will still crash you. its helped me on many occasions. usually when a hacker does that to me I'll crash them or disconnect from wifi.

More Bombs
22159e74 0000001e

More Blue Shells
22159ce0 0000001e

More Green Shells
22159938 0000001e

More Red Shells
22159858 0000001e

More Bananas
22159790 00000048     

More Bloopers
2215a30c 0000001e

More Ghost
2215a248 0000001e

Another fun fact about these codes above is if you and your friend are using these code you can use more items than usual on wifi. But you must be slow otherwise it still crashes if you aren't careful.




4.         Avoid wifi spooks course title screen returns crash.  (AR required)


Have you ever encountered a hacker that uses a hacked course name to return you to the title screen?

When this happens the game will still think its on wifi thus it will crash if you try to do anything offline or it will never reconnect to wifi or never find anybody on wifi, without restarting your game.  this can be avoided with the quick disconnect code below.


 Fast Disconnect Wifi
(R L start select)
94000130 f4f30000
223cdcc0 00000001
d2000000 00000000


When a hacker uses the title screen return hacked course on you all you need to do is go back on wifi and as its reconnecting to wifi press the buttons to disconnect from wifi again and then press A to continue. After that the game will be fixed of the error. and you should be able to play your game with no issues.


 All these tricks and tutorials were made by ~Dave~